Legendary Lovin'

The Wild Hair Creatures of Legends and Lore are out hunting today... For Valentines!

Sasquatch - "It was love at first sighting"
Mothman - "I only have eyes for you"
Chupacabra - "A border wall can't keep me from you"
Yeti - "Netflix and chill?"
Jersey Devil - "You bring out the devil in me"
Cthulhu - "I R'liyeh like you"


  • Wild Hair Admin


    Thank you for your interest in our products. So sorry for the delayed response. We are still working on our site functionality and there was an issue with our blog comments. To answer your question – we now have a retail partner selling through Amazon and have added a listing link button to each of our product pages. Here is the link to our Sasquatch listing (you can select the other creatures through there): https://www.amazon.com/WILD-HAIR-CREATIONS-Sasquatch-Collectible/dp/B07S653BSN. Please note that Cthulhu sold out during our initial Books-A-Million exclusive so he will not be listed until we receive more inventory (should be some time next month). Hopefully this helps and again, we apologize for the delay in our response.

  • Stacy

    My local BAM doesn’t carry these. Where else can I purchase them? My daughter loves Cryptids, especially Mothman. These are adorable and a must have for cryptid fans!

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