Wild Hair Creations® is working on some cool new toys!

Three collectible figures will soon join the "PARTY" and are sure to be a hit. Check back here and follow our Facebook Page for news and updates... and a little fun!

Scroll down for a sneak peak.



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  • Mark Mayer

    I admin and a group called Toychest of Trolls on Facebook. Our group found out about your trolls this morning! Your wild hair creations! Many of us went to Amazon to buy the ones that you had available. We are anxious for new arrivals, and we’re also wanting to know about the CTHULHU. It was pictured but did not seem to be available to buy. We would like to be updated as to your new trolls please contact me through my email address. Or you’re welcome to join our group on Facebook to post trolls that you have available and ones that are coming up. We absolutely love your wild hair creations!

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