About Wild Hair


Wild Hair Creations® is a division of Design Master Associates, Incorporated® and is dedicated to creating collectible concepts that are fun, quirky, humorous, and just a bit on the zany side.

Design Masters® began (as many of the best companies do) in a garage - located in Williamsburg, Virginia. There, the legendary Byron Whitehurst (owner, CEO, and world renowned adventurer) founded the company in 1983 when his innovative ideas outgrew The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s vision for the Silversmith Production group that he managed.

Design Masters quickly became a go-to product design and manufacturing company for museums and historic destination sites around the country – well known for certain key qualities that have defined the company’s success. A full range of product development capabilities. Exceptional design talent. Along with the added bonus of unique branding, marketing support, and merchandising programs provided as a package deal to its clients. Specializing in annual ornament programs, sculpts/busts and educational toys, the Design Masters team provides exclusive custom product to organizations such as Mount Vernon, The White House Historical Association, The Biltmore Estate, The Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, and many more.

Despite an impressive resume of clients and successful business, Byron wanted to go beyond what is typical of museums and historic sites. Something else was lurking in the recesses of his imagination.  Something more innovative, clever and quirky. Something a bit more fun. As the vision became clearer, he saw an opportunity to take further advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that is infused within the culture of his team at Design Masters. The mash-up of these creative qualities, along with a keen sense of humor – and a political moment in time that simply couldn’t be ignored – resulted in the first Wild Hair Creations product in 2017. The President Trump Troll. Its success was quickly followed by the appropriately timed Defcon Mania (an irresistible pairing of a spandex-clad “Tweety Boy” Trump Troll with a hilarious Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man" Troll).

Continuing along the path of innovation and expansion, Wild Hair Creations is set to venture out of the wrestling and political arena to one that is somewhat suspect, but much more primal and thrilling. Shifting our focus from monstrously huge characters to infamous cryptids and literal monsters, Wild Hair Creations is proud to present the Creatures of Legends and Lore. A new, hairy, but not-so-scary line that showcases mysterious beasts, paranormal beings and other-worldly visitors that have excited, inspired fear, and captured the imagination of countless generations.

This is just the beginning for Wild Hair Creations. We have quite a few more tricks in our bag for the near future, and hope you’ll follow our journey to see what’s ahead. For more information, contact us at 800-322-7583 or support@wildhaircreations.com.