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    • TYPE:  Hairy Humanoid/Snowape (Relict Population of Gigantopithecus)
    • HEIGHT:  8-10 ft
    • RANGE:  Himalayan Glaciers
    • FIRST ACCOUNT:  Pre-Buddhist Folklore
    • THREAT TO HUMANS:  Moderate (Yeti is Pretty Chill, but Its Environment is Too Cold and Dangerous for Most People)
    • LIKES:  Snowcones; Sherpas; Cold
    • DISLIKES:  Global Warming; Toothaches


    The infamous Yeti is a large ape-like creature inhabiting the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. It managed to live in relative obscurity for centuries with only an occasional eyewitness account emerging from the snow-covered mountains. It was not until the 20th century when western explorers and media ascended the icy peaks that the Yeti was put on the fast track to stardom.

    Eyewitness accounts and countless written reports avalanched from the region with each expedition; detailing creature sightings, massive footprints, hair samples, scat specimens, and even relic Yeti parts. One such part, the legendary Pangboche hand, was allegedly smuggled into America by famed actor James Stewart! Beware the Abominable Snowman and never ski alone…


    Famous Follower:
    Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were not only the first two men to scale Mount Everest in 1953, they also tracked and studied the elusive Yeti.

    Why So Blue?: Skeptics believe that several “Yeti” sightings and hair samples are attributed to the extremely rare Tibetan Blue Bear. However, most evidence supports more mysterious, unknown origins.


    • All creatures are high quality vinyl figures with synthetic hair
    • Each figure is approximately 5.5" tall including hair
    • 4+ age recommendation
    • Meets all ASTM and CPSIA toy safety standards
    • Boxed Dimensions: 4" W x 6.75" H x 1.9" D


    Wild Hair Creations/DMA is in no way responsible for any property damage, bodily harm, or other possible trauma resulting from a creature encounter.  Hide any children or pets if your creature does escape containment. Wild Hair Creations/DMA is similarly not responsible for any unforeseen effects from creature exposure, such as mass hysteria, catastrophe, or cataclysmic events resulting in the end of days. Adult supervision recommended.

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